From as little as a $25 contribution you can help make Nelson wasp-free.
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The Nelson Mail and Fairfax Media are leading a community and business initiative to rid the Nelson and Tasman regions of wasps.
The Wasp Wipeout is an opportunity for your business to help lead change in the community, restoring the environment, making the Nelson and Tasman regions more liveable and being the starting point for fostering stronger tourism.
Businesses that get behind the campaign are featuring online and in print in the Nelson Mail and we would love to add your business to the list to show the community your support. Five businesses have already committed $9,500 to the cause.
The campaign
We’ll be using Vespex, an extremely effective wasp bait (developed right here in Nelson), and placing bait stations across the region. To do this, we’re leading a crowdfunding campaign - the more we can raise, the more bait stations we can put out and the greater chance we have of solving Nelson’s wasp problem for good.
The German and Common Wasps
An introduced invader, the wasp feeds on our honeydew-rich beech forests, fledgling bats and native baby birds, and sting and injure members of the community. The three national parks surrounding the Nelson region are prime breeding grounds for the wasps.
What is Vespex?
Vespex is a low toxicity, protein-based bait that’s laid in bait stations in late January and February when wasps change to a protein-based diet. It’s safe for honey bees and pets. Find out more here
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